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    May started out as a very busy month and seemed to pick up steam as I entered the middle of the month. The last week of April  I was contacted by Delores Wilson from the Harrison County CEOS (County Educational Outreach Services) and asked to speak to their group. Although they are constantly in our local paper, I knew little about the group, I decided to find out more.  
   This is what I uncovered:  The Harrison County Community Educational Outreach Service is composed of 21 clubs who meet on a regular basis to receive up-to-date educational information, participate in community outreach projects, and leadership development opportunities. Club sizes vary from small to very large. Some clubs meet in homes, others in churches, town halls or community rooms. The Harrison County Community Educational Outreach Service is composed of 21 clubs who meet on a regular basis to receive up-to-date educational information, participate in community outreach projects, and leadership development opportunities. They are an amazing group who main focus is giving back to the community and a he same time, enriching their own minds.
   When they asked me to speak, I felt very honored, especialy after I took the time to learn more about them. I decided to title my talk, "A Man Least Likely to Become an Author."  As a promotional ad, I edited a picture from my high school year book and added this title (right). Very appropriate, especially for those who remember me from high school. During the talk I touched on topics ranging from: The person responsible for giving me the opportunity to write a weekly column. Why that experience ended. The encouragement and motivation from my wife Sandra. The labor of love putting the book together. Finding a publisher. Editing the book, Dividing it into two volumes - a chore my wife had to accomplish. How writing became my therapist. Future projects in the works. And finally, some encouragement, at least I hope it was encourwagement, for those who have aspiraions to become published authors.  
    Following the talk, I held a book sale and signing at the rear of the hall. I might add, this was the most successful book signing I have held since the national release in November of 2015. So successful, I sold out. The next day, I contacted my publisher, Tate Publishing, and ordered more books.
    During the sale, I had many interesting conversations with the CEOS members. One member especially touched my hear -  Rena Lawrence, the wife of Dave Lawrence, my best man in my wedding.


Hoping you will have time to read Sandra's and my column in The Clarksburg Post

This week, Sandra writes a beautiful story titled "Who Is In Your Garden" It is about special plants and flowers - gifts from the heart. My column is titled "A Taste of Cuba" which is about a unique restaurant in Clarksburg and a little history lesson. On the Clarksburg Post it received 500 Likes and Shares



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beautiful corals

A taste of Cuba

Clarksburg Post


Heading to Baltimore June 14 & 15.

Had to cancel the trip last month. Attending business on the campus of Johns Hopkins University. However, I will be available at the hotel in the evenings for book signings and discussions.                             

BaltimoreBaltimore 2

I will be at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel on June 14 & 15. I will be available for book signings in the evening between 6:00pm and 8:00 pm. Check with the front desk 410-385-3000.Or, you can call me direct 304-677-8612 During the day, I will be attending activities on the Campus of John's Hopkins University. Looking forward to my visit to Baltimore, although too short.  The last time I was in Baltimore was in 1970. Probably has changed a bit.      Especially excited to dine on fresh seafood and try their famous crab cakes. For the locals in Baltimore, I would greatly appreciate recommending a fantastic seafood restaurant (with history) close to the Waterfront.  Please send your recommendations and comments on the form below. 
Well Friends, it is about that time again. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Upcoming Events

June 14 & 15   Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland.  1700 Aliceanna St. 410-385-3000  6:00 - 8:00pm each day.    


This is what my high school year book should have said about my future.Most Unlikely to Become an Author_edited Left is Ladonna Tucker and Delores Wilson of the Harrison County CEOS IMG_1054

 Rena Lawrence and I after my talk.


 Friend you years, Al Cox having a book signed


 The board of the CEOS (l-r) Delores Wilson, Charlene Burrows, Patty Post, Karen Walker, Connie Wolfinger, Dawn Grow


 Some of the many who attended he presentation

CEOS group

 Sunny Croft Country Club's clubhouse Sunny Croft Club House_edited

 On the patio with long-time friend and occasional golf partner Richard Jefferies 


 On the 9 & 18h Tee. One of the many beautiful sights  around Sunny Croft.

The No 9 green is to the left, with No. 18 to the right.

Sunny Croft 9 & 18

 Looking up the hill from No 1 Tee.

Sunny Croft fairway - Copy