Y-4-3-B The “Un-diet”

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Y- 4 - 3 - B     The 'Un-Diet'

You give up absolutely nothing!

New Years Eve. A time for reflection and a time for resolutions, many if not most are forgotten or broken within days or certainly weeks. And, at the top of many resolution lists is to lose weight and or develop a healthier lifestyle.
A few years ago, I developed a diet that actually works. I am proof. When I started the diet, I weighed 242 lbs. Four months later, I weighed 212 lbs, the same as I did in high.school. And, three yeas later, I have maintained that 212 lbs. It is is rather easy because it is not really a diet. You actually do not give up anything. You just alter, switch, and move around. Along with the 'un-diet,' I added a little stretching and stability ball exercises.
At the end of this 'short  version,' I provide the the links to previous stories where the details are laid out.
Essentially, I have a four-step program:
Step 1 - The "Y": I do Yoga...basic Yoga or some might call it 'gentle' Yoga designed for old(er) and abused bodies. I also add some stretching exercises I learned at Physical Therapy to keep my bad back a little better. About 30 minutes combined -  Yoga , stretching and Step 4
Step 2 -  The "4": Monday trough Thursday; Eliminate the big carbs; Pasta, Bread, Potatoes, Rice, Beans. If you enjoy alcohol, cut your consumption in half.
Step 3 - The "3": Friday through Sunday; Eat and drink what you want, just cut back on the amount.
Step 4 - The "B": Stability Ball. I purchased one from my local Dick's Sporting Goods. I do some core exercises designed to help with flexibility and to strengthen/stretch my back. I'm 71, but my back is 112.
These photos are proof-  242 to 212 in four months, and you give up nothing - really. You just make few compromises. I have continued with this program to this day, making it a lifestyle.

This is the short version. If you want more details, go to my Home page. Look for Blog Archives on the right and scroll to December 2017


So, if you are considering fitness as  New Years Resolution (again), give this one a try    Y - 4 - 3 - B. It works, if you are willing to work just a little.
Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.
Happy New Year...and good riddance to 2020!   "I will remember to forget."
Michael S. Lambiotte





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