Cooking in Two Places at the Same Time

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Cooking in Two Places at the Same Time

From Chef Michael's “Tasty & Easy Eats” -  Grilled Kielbasa With CBC


A chef can be in two places at the same time! Here is a quick recipe from Chef Michael's limited but tasty selections: "Grilled Kielbasa with CBC (Cabbage, Beans, Carrots).
This is an original recipe developed on May 2, 2019. As a reward for his ‘Handler’ who took over the cooing duties last Friday-Sunday, which is his usual days, he insisted in cooking all week. She stepped in so he could participate in an activity he was looking forward to for the past six months. Their usual cooking responsibilities include: She, Monday-Thursday. He, Friday-Sunday.
Chef Michael’s planning began with three items already in the fridge/freezer: kielbasa, carrots, and fresh beans. “What can I do with these that would be different and quick,” he asked himself. Then, in a flash, he thought, “I also like cabbage and I love to grill. Why not combine the skills and ingredients and live dangerously…cook on the stove and the grill at the same time.”
He called his creation: Grilled Kielbasa with CBC (Cabbage, Beans, Carrots)

Here is the recipe:
• ½ medium sized head of cabbage…sliced, in thin slices (NOT chopped).
• 1 large carrot ‘julienned’ – it must be julienned!
• Big handful of French green beans – ends trimmed. Must be French. You want them thin and long.
• 1 package of Kielbasa…look for the one lowest in fat and carbs.
• Prepare your grill.
• Back to the kitchen: Large skillet with deep sides: Cover bottom with olive oil and four pats of butter. Melt slowly. Add beans, salt (coarse Kosher) and coarse ground pepper and sauté on medium until beans 1/3 cooked. Then add cabbage and stir together until beans ½ and cabbage ½ cooked. Turn off heat!
• Place oven on “Keep Warm.”
• Run to the grill with kielbasa in hand on an oven proof plate and a cold beer. Not enough time for a cigar. Cook kielbasa, turning frequently (lid open then closed, etc.) until kielbasa is slightly charred on all sides. Run back to the kitchen and pop the kielbasa in the oven.
• Turn the stove back on (medium) and cook cabbage and beans until ¾ done. You want both slightly ‘crunchy’ at serving time. Be do NOT want mush!
• Add julienne carrots and flip all three around. It only takes them a few seconds to warm up.
• Add the kielbasa to the skillet, with any juices left on the plate.
• Flip all ingredients around until the flavors mix…a minute or two. Remember: You want the veggies still a bit crunchy!
• Move the kielbasa to the side of the skillet and place the vegetables in the center of a plate and ‘plop’ the kielbasa on top. Serve immediately!
• Have a small serving bottle of vinegar available if desired. A Chef Michael desire. He drains off some ‘hot’ vinegar from a jar of home-canned pickled jalapenos.
• Serve with another cold beer poured slowly into a frosted mug.
• When your palette has recovered from this woundeful dish…do not forget to shutdown and close up the grill!
Now is the time for…

and sit on the patio while the evening turns into night.
Bon appétit…from Chef Michael’s limited but “Tasty & Easy Eats.”


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