The Scepter of Leadership

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The Scepter of Leadership Leadership, regardless of whether it is on the national level, the local non-profit, or country club level, the responsibilities are the same. For the elected ones, it is to represent the will of the people, all … Read More

4 Easy Steps to Demolition

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4 Easy Steps to Demolition They may not be legal. But, they send a message! Not a city. Not a town. Not a village. There is not one without an unsightly, abandoned, dangerous to the community, potentially drug haven structure, … Read More

Let It Play Out!

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Let It Play Out! ‘We the people’… must let Robert Mueller complete his investigation. Many of us came of age, one way or the other, in the late 60’s and early 1970’s. We experienced love, heartbreak, tragedy, war, and were … Read More

Christmas in the Mountains

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Christmas in the Mountains Fort New Salem     Salem, West Virginia A look back in time If you hurry, you still have time (a rare opportunity) to see what Christmas was like in the mountains of North Central West(ern) Virginia… during … Read More

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