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Winter has been good to us in North Central West Virginia. Last year, around this same time, we had 22" in one two-day storm. This year, the most we have had at one time is (maybe) 2". Total, we have not had 4" of snow - total. Plus, the temperature has only been in the teens a couple nights. Not me, but some of my club-mates have been playing golf the third week of February. Of course, it was 70*.  So much for a West Virginia cold-freezing winter. But, on the bright side, it lowered a lot on heating bills.

Now, on to my writings and progress on Volume II of my second book, Life Through These Eyes. In January, I changed publishers, making the decision to go with AuthorHouse for volume II.

The are a much larger publishing company and offered me much control over the finished product. This, as I found out with Volume I, is very important. AuthorHouse,will also be able to publish my second book at a lower price. This is very important  because I had "many" unproductive" conversations with my original publisher regarding pricing. I always felt Volume I was overpriced, but I had no control. AuthorHouse also has a much wider circulation, not onth throughout the U. S., but worldwide.

The only drawback is timing. I was in the editing and cover design phase with publisher number 1 when negotiations fell apart. Thus, I had to essentially start over with AuthorHouse. However, the bulk of the work was already complete. I just had to go back through everything and submit in their format. 

One of the many benefits of a larger publisher is their organization and divisions. My initial "check in" was completed on January 1. This, I found out, amounted to submitting a mountain of forms and documents. However, it was clearly spelled out and I had the same contact person through Phase 1. 

I just completed Phase 2 of the submission process - Content Evaluation. Once I submitted the entire manuscript, their evaluators conducted  a complete content and copyright review. Last week, they returned the manuscript with several questions and issues I had to address. Luckily, it was not as time-consuming as I had first thought.  I called my initial contact person for some clarification. Thus, I only had to spend three days reviewing the entire manuscript

After that, I re-submitted my work for the next phase - Editorial Services. Their editorial service specialists will review the complete manuscript and make suggestions and offer revisions. This is where I found out I must have a very thick objective exterior. This stage should take about three weeks. Once I have  heard from AuthorHouse's Editorial Services,  then we will work together on the final manuscript revisions. This is certainly more detailed than my first publisher.

Moving on:

On March 10, I have been asked to be one of the judges for a speech contest at Washington Irving Middle school,the same school I graduated from when it was a high school in 1967. I have been invited by Librarian, Pat Joyce.The topic for each participant will be, "What does it mean to be a hero." Each speaker will be judged on material organization, delivery and presentation, and overall effectiveness. Not only looking forward `to returning to my old school but especially honored to be around young interested minds. The contest is sponsored by Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial.

If you want to watch a video of this school, go to my Home page and scroll down the side bar until you come to Video Archives. Click on "WI Then & Now."

Well friends and followers, that's about all the excitement through February and some anticipation for the beginning of March. I hope you will follow my blog on a regular basis. I do not have a particular publishing day(sS -it just happens when the spirit moves me to express my opinions or share something I feel is important or tastes good. The sign-up process for email delivery has a few "ghosts" so we are working on it.

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My old High School, Washington Irving - now a middle school. Located in Clarksburg, West Virginia

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