Social Media…”Saint or Sinner”

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Social Media..."Saint or Sinner"

You 'MUST' control it and do NOT let it control you!


Recently, I spent four days completely away from Social Media to think and reflect. I must admit, it was not always easy, and that was the reason it was necessary. I am old enough to remember party phone lines, phones with cords, hand-written letters sent to friends and notes pushed through high school locker doors, manual typewriters, pennies in my loafers, all four Beatles,  and so much more from my generation.
I also remember how I spent my days before social media. As you continue to read, please remember I am not...


No one is more unqualified than I to do that. 
Make no mistake, social media can be an important tool in our lives. It allows us to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones.  Spread positive messages. Brighten the lives of those who need 'bright.' And to encourage us to think about ways and ideas different from our own. One of the best examples of this 'positive' is my wife Sandra's blog, visit here   If you have not visited her site, you must take the time.
However, there is a dark side to social media. A side which isolates and removes many of the activities which once brought us joy. It also encourages us to say things we would never consider saying face-to-face. It also provides an easy and impersonal way out of difficult situations.
For me, these last two years have been both - positive and dark. That is why I decided to step away from all social media for a few days. I needed time to think. I needed to evaluate my time and the messages I convey. And, how I convey those messages
The following is the result of this time 'away.'
This will be my focus for the upcoming year on social media.


Reflections From My 4-Day Social Media (SM) Moratorium
  • My main concern will be straight-forward communication.
  • I will not use SM as a source of recreation.
  • I will refrain from political volleyball.
         + I will state my position clearly and without vulgarity.
         + I will read and think about positions other than my own.
  • I realize my opinions will (probably) not change anyone's position on anything.
        + However, I hope others will truly think about what I say.
        + I will thoroughly think before I speak.
  • My posts will not be designed to degrade or insult.
  • I will refrain from sarcasm and just say (plainly) what’s on my mind.
  • I will respect your opinion, if you respect mine.
  • I will not post what I would not say face-to-face.
  • I understand we may be polar opposites (on some topics), but we can still unite for common goals.
  • I will occasionally take a 'vacation' from SM. So, If I do not respond, in a timely manner, to something you have said or asked, remember, I am probably on a 'Holiday.'
  • My time on SM will be limited to early morning thoughts and occasional evening 'checks.'
  • SM will only enhance my life...NOT control it.
  • I will refrain from 'Doom & Gloom" and post (routinely) positive messages and quotes designed to encourage thought.
  • I will NOT shy away from controversy, but my thoughts and responses will be respectful.


And that my friends and foes are some simple thoughts from a man who remembers life with out Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube, and others. Remember, my Google was a set of "World Book Encyclopedias."
Until next time, go read a book or write a letter!



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