• Today is her birthday

    She would have been 90

    But, she passed away at 87

    This is a picture of my mother shortly after her birth. Look closely (bottom right) and you can see my grandfather's wrist behind her back, holding her up. The other picture was taken shortly before she passed away on November 11, 2014.








    Both of my parents are gone now. I miss them both so much.

    We never get over the death of a parent.

    We are not supposed to.

    But the passing of a mother - there is always that special bond.

    I  feel her presence every day.

    I remember the lessons she taught me.

    She was far from perfect.

    Because she was human.

    Today, for a short while, we will visit.

    I will cry some.

    Laugh a little.

    Think a lot.

    I will read her two favorite passages from her Bible.

    We will spend some time remembering.

    Most of all...I will not be sad.

    For today...is her birthday.

    Happy Birthday Mom!